About Me

My Journey & About Me

 Well I began my working life as a radiographer  many moons ago. While living and working in USA between 1982-1989 I saw my first amethyst cluster in Sedona, Arizona, and thought it was beautiful. When I came back to S. Africa in 1990, I decided to give up the world of xrays and began trading gemstone jewellery and crystals on Greenmarket square. I didn’t know a thing about them so I did my own research and eventually in 1997 I gave up everything to follow my heart to Hawaii and join the crystal guru Katrina Raphael on a 5 month crystal healing course. After 6 months I came home and  I continued on Greenmarket square selling crystals as well as the monthly Holistic fairs in C. Town 

I moved to Hermanus in 2002 where I became part of the market square traders selling my crystals and jewelry, and then added shells, fossils and other products.. From trading in the car park, I oved into various shop locastions, and am finally moving back into the Old Harbour Market (red sheds) at the end of July 2022. The product range has grown to include smudge sticks,  Himalayan lamps, oracle card decks as well as Dichroic glass jewelry and unset precious stones cut to be set into jewellry.
My journey towards self-awareness has spanned about 35 years and I continue to learn . I love the mountains, nature, animals (especially dogs), and music.. 

Much love and Light to you all – keep your thoughts inspired and follow your heart .