Amber jewellery

This Amber jewellery is the genuine Baltic Sea finest grade from Poland. Some examples of jewellery are given but pieces often differ so please contact to see what is available.



AMBER earings and pendants

This amber is high grade amber from Poland in the Baltic sea area. It is set in Sterling Silver. The pieces shown are examples and sometimes a different size or style may be available. Please enquire via email.

They are photographed on citrine clusters which are also available on request.

Prices vary greatly depending on the availability and size and will be updated accordingly.

Amber hanging earing – This is set in Sterling silver and is about a 5mm-6mm amber bead. Enquire re prices

Amber earing, small oval stud. This is set in sterling silver and sometimes also available in green amber.

Amber earing, small with swirl design. This is set in sterling silver Approx 6-7mm in size.

Amber larger studs set in sterling silver in either honey or green colour, approx 15mm.

Amber pendant. – This is a small-medium size pendant set in Sterling silver. It is sold without the silver chain.

Bracelets also available average price R750-R1800

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