Cabochon Pendants

Various semi-precious gemstone 30X40mm cabochon pendants available. See descriptions below. Mostly R130.


These 30X40mm cabochon pendants are available in most gemstones.Below are a few choices. In addition to these, also available are coal grey Hematite R130, which you can request by comments or email. All are drilled and attached with adjustable black thong and can be ordered either with a non sterling silver colour bead or a wooden bead. Upon check out please specify under comments. Prices for all are R130. (Sugilite available R550 – please request availaility and price)

Rose quartz (pink) cabochon pendant 30x40mm. Rose quartz crystal chunks also available in various sizes and prices – please enquire.The chunk is this picture is large and approx R80 (A grade colour). R130

Green Aventurine 30x40mm with adjustable thong.This stone looks a bit like Jade and is also featured being worn in one of the photos.. R130

Sodalite (navy blue) pendant 30x40mm. Sodalite chunks are also pictured here and avail on request. Prices vary with sizes. These are smaller chunks and average about R15 each. R130

Kalahari Picture stone (beige colours) 30x40mm cabochon pendant (This Kalahari picture stone often looks like a desert scene, hence the name and all stones are very different.)R130.

Blue/Gold Tiger eye pendant – really attractive two-tone stone, SOuth African. R130

Red Jasper R130. There are a few varieties of Jasper available, also the brecciated muticolour Jasper.

Snowflake Obsidian – black with white flecks.. R130.

Upon check out please specify which stone you would like to order, and whether a silver colour bead or a wooden bead, under the comments section.

Elsewhere on this site are also Malachite and Paua shell 30X40mm cabochon pendants. (Photos included here – more expensive)