Earings 8mm drops

These style earings are available in 8mm and many in 10mm size beads as well. They are made with non sterling silver fittings. Most are the same price at an average of R50-R60 except for Malachite and Lapis beads. Below are the stones available from left to right. A few options are avail on shop cart for prices – please stipulate the stone with your order after looking at the info below.

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Amethyst (purple) 8mm R60 10mm N/A

Rose Quartz (pink) 8mm R50 10mm R60

Onyx (black) 8mm R50 10mm R60

Aventurine (pale green) 8mm R50 10mm R60

Howlite Turquoise 8mm R50 10mm R60

Red agate (dark pink/red) 8mm N/A 10mm R60

Blue Lace Agate (pale blue) 8mm R60 10mm R70

Lapis Lazuli (dark blue gold fleck) 8mm R60 10mm R80

Tiger Eye (gold/brown) 8mm R50 10mm R60

Carnelian (orange ) 8mm R50 10mm R60

Hematite (shiny grey) 8mm R40 10mm R50

Malachite (dark stripe green) 8mm R60 10mm R80

Red bamboo coral 8mm R60 10mm N/A

Howlite turquoise single 8mm R50 10mm R60

Howlite turquoise double R60

Red Jasper also avail but no pictures yet 8mm R50 10mm R60

They can be made in S. Silver on request sat an additional cost of R40-R50. Please enquire as to availability of size and stone.

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8mm general stones, 8mm lapis, malachite or amethyst, 10mm malachite or lapis