Fossils – CLICK this box for more fossils (Prices not accurately reflected)

A variety of fossils, mainly Ammonites (A and B grades), also fossil Pansy shells (out of stock), Shark teeth, fossil fish, Trilobites, Orthoceros, Mesosaurs and some Chysanthemum flowers (not yet posted) Pse request availability and prices.



Ammonites – vary greatly in size from tiny R30 to very large R1200! (Madagascar) ALso rough coils.
Fossil Pansy shells vary from R70-R150 (Madagascar – out of stock at present)
Trilobites are now rare and more expensive average R180-R500 (North Africa)
Orthoceros – R50- R120 depending on size (North Africa)
Shark teeth in rock .. R160 (North Africa, giant mackerel shark teeth)
Fossil fish – small R75 to XL R600.
Fossil or petrified wood – R15 – R80 (South Africa and Madagascar – sometimes in stock)
Megalodon teeth – prices vary according to size and quality R850 – R5000. Please enquire as these will soon be out of stock and unavailable.

PLEASE NOTE – South African fossils are not permitted to be sold commercially which is why there are non for sale, with the exception of fossil wood.