Hinged pendant spheres

20mm gemstone/crystal spheres in a hinged cage – see below different prices.

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The spheres are avail in most of the gemstones – pse ask for availability. Crystal(clear), Amethyst (purple), Tiger eye (brown), Howlite turquoise (bright blue), Hematite (grey), Snowflake obsidian (black/white), Rose quartz (pink), Aventurine (green), Jasper(brick red), Malachite (green stripe) and Lapis with Lapis world globe as well.
Prices range from R150 for most stones, to R200 for amethyst and clear crystal, and R280 for blue lace agate and Lapis.  Please enquire as prices change quite rapidly depending on availability.
These spheres are interchangeable in the hinged cage, even while hanging on wearer.