Raw crystals Click this photo for more images

There are many raw crystals, raw gemstones and clusters available. These are amethyst clusters which vary in size. At present druzy malachite is out of stock. Please see more info below.


These two amethyst clusters are about R50-R60 each. There are smaller ones from R25.  A number of photos have been included to display some of the raw crystals and clusters but prices will vary greatly depending on size and quality, so please request your desire and pictures and prices will be sent to you.
On view are raw crystal fingers, polished crystals, pyrite (fool’s gold), citrine, green, red, yellow and clear calcite, kyanite, apophyllite, raw and tumble lapis, rose quartz, agate geodes etc, Himilayan yellow finger quartz, Magaliesburg spirit and sunshine quartz, malachite crystals, black tourmaline etc. Labradorite is always polished as in the raw form difficult to see the colour, Bumblebee jasper, Azurite, Larimar, Aura crystals and more!
ALso included are some B grade Spirit quartz clusters from Magaliesberg area, including the yellow Sunshine variety.

New stock comes in from time to time on different stones so please enquire as to what is available.