Tumbled Gemstones

A variety of tumbled stones are available in most crystals/gemstones. They can be small to Xlarge. On an average they are R12-R30 each. Malachite are more expensive at about R75 each, while A grade Lapis is around R120




Shells are available and featured elsewhere on this site.

Rose quartz (pink) large R20-R30 (small R5-R10)
Carnelian (Orange) large R18-R30
Amazonite (Blue/Green) med R18-R25
Tiger Eye (Gold/brown) large R20
Malachite (dark green striped) large R65-R85
Blue Lace Agate (pale Blue) small – large R10-R55
Red Jasper (brick red) medium R15
Jade (pale and darker) large R35-R50
Citrine (yellow) large R35-R55
Bloodstone (dark green red spots) large R15-R20                                                                  Hematite R20
Aventurine (med green) large R20
Amethyst (purple) medium-large R15-R35
Onyx (black) large R20
Labradorite R50-R150
Turquoise (genuine) R35-R90 and  Lapis (R65-R150)
Fluorite R18

ALso available are tumble med Aquamarine, Rhodochrocite, small sunstone, Mystical Merlinite, Bumble-bee Jasper, Larimar, and Aura Lazer Hematite. Please request photos and samples.

Tumbled stones are available in all the gemstones on request. Prices vary – please enquire.

Please request what you need and I will see if it is available.